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  • What is a Clairvoyant and a Medium
    Clairvoyance is ones ability to gain knowledge and information that is beyond human perception. A Clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to experiance psychic phenomena in a visual way. However, this does not only include clear-seeing, it can also include other clairs as clairaudiance, clairscentience and claircognizanse. Some Clairvoyants posses all senses, and some can have just one or two, that function as their strongest clair. I have all 4 clairs. In some situation I can focus on only receiving information throug one clair, and sometimes I reaceive through all clairs at one time. A Medium is someone who can communicate with spirits, such as those who have passed over, spirit guides, angels and other beings. I have a mix of both Clairvoyance and Medium. I both perceive energy through my clairs and I also receive communications from spirits, spirit guides, angels and other beings.
  • What education and courses do I have?
    I have a certificate course in The Angelic Healer Certificate program at Cristina Arcohe finished in 2019. In this course I learned how to open up my clairvoyance ( seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing ) I learned how to work with energy, do healings, channel guidance and do readings with energies susch as The Archangels, and other beings. I am educated in Reiki I in 2020 at Malene Deleuran. In October 2021 I am enrolling in a education class to become a certified Psychic Medium, at Rikke Rasmussen. Being able to see and feel spirits, I wish to educating myself furthermore to learn and gain knowledge, and builed upond my set of skills. In 2022 I will be able to offer clients Psychic Mediumship, connecting to passed over loved ones, and bringing their messages on to you.
  • What is an Energy Healer?
    There are many different forms of Energy Healing. Energy Healing is the subtle flow of energy through out the body, to help restore health. This can be both mental and physical, and a sense of balance. As an Energy Healer I use my Clairvoyance; seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing during the healing. This means, that I can see what is happening and what the healing is doing to your energy. During the healing session, I will share with you what I am receiving through my clairs. Being an open channel, I connect only with high vibrational beings - such as the Archangels, to bring their energies in for the healing, and share any guidance and messages that might come through. I am simply the bridge for the high vibrational energy of the Archangels, to come through to my client. I perform all my sessions virtually ( online on Zoom ) - This means you can be in your own comfort of your home where you can relax- and simply receive the healing. The healing sessions are just as strong as in person healing. This is because high vibrational multidimensional beings, are not restricted by time and space.
  • Ethics - Rules I work by
    I adhere to the Clairvoyant association's 10 rules for a skilled and copentious Clairvoyant: 1 - I only tune into people who have given permissen 2 - Only provide advice that is constructrive and puts the clients in a better position 3 - Shows respect and empathy towards clients 4 - Has a duty of confidentiality 5 - Has great responsibility, good ethical understanding and high moral 6 - Have good dicernment 7 - Exercises Clairvoyance only in sound physical and mental condition 8 - Distinguishes Clairvoyants counseling from other general counseling 9 - Offers Clairvoyance recorded on electronic media og in written form 10 - Informs all present rules during all Clairvoyant work
  • As a Clairvoyant and a Medium can you tell what will happen in the future?
    No - any Clairvoyant or Medium will not be able to promise what will happen in the future. What I am able to, is receive information and knowledge regarding the possebilities of the future. Furthermore, I can channel guidance regarding, what you can do to co-create, and become self-empowered in the desired future outcome. The information I receive, will be based on how the energy is around you, at the time of performing a reading. Because we all have our own free will, based on your actions and thoughts, you change your future outcome. If you want to change your future, change your thoughts and take action, that is the best way to co-create and mold your life - By the law of attarction - By understanding how energy works.
  • Can I ask questions about other people - family, friends, partners and children?"
    I will only tune into other people if they have given me persmission to do so. This is a strict rule. We are not allowed to tune into other peoples energy without their permision. I can tune into your energy, and the energy around a specific situaion - and channel guidance around that situation. But I am not allowed to tune into the other peoples energy, without their permission. If you need guidance from the spiritual regarding your child under the age of 14, I am allowed to tune into their energy with your permission. If your child is above 14 years of age, I need their permission to tune into their energy.
  • Do you have duty of confidentiality?
    Yes I do - You can be sure that you are safe with sharing with me. As well as, any information and knowledge that I receive during a session of healing, reading or mediumship. Everything is confidential.
  • What can I expect from your services such as healings and readings?
    When doing a healing - the energy that you need is always 100% transferred into your own body - your energy system. We all experiance a healing differently from one another. This means, someone can be very sensitive to the energy they receive, and therefore feel sensations during the healing, or get emotional. And some may not feel anything at all. It doesn't matter whether you feel anything or not - it does not determin if the healing was succesful. It is important to trust, that the amount of energy and healing that you are meant to have, is what you will receive. The high vibrational beings are the ones that determain what you need. This also means, that sometimes we will experiance a healing has cleared all the energy, and you therefore no longer feel the energy lingering in your system. And other times, you might experiance a more suble change in your energy - there can be various reasons for this, such as: there might still be a deeper lesson in the energy you wish to clear, that has not yet served its purpose in your life lessons. This is not a bad thing, the healing will still support in releasing the energy, but there will still be some left on purpose, so you can keep working towards gaining the lessons you are meant to have. Sometimes people can have a hard time letting go of certain energies, because of fear of the unknow - what will happen if I fully let go and heal. There can be fear associated with letting go, the sense of loosing control or loosing your grib on something can feel like caos. Because you have your own free-will, it is always best to be honest with yourself, whether you want to heal and change for you, and YOU only. Without trying to control. High vibrational beings - The Archangels, only work to empower you, in your life and on your path. They are here to empower you, and guide you towards the power you hold in your own hands, and not take your power from you. This is why my approach is always to work to empower my clients. Through my clairs and channeling, I receive information on the root-causes to the energy, and where the energy originates from. By doing this, I can help you to provide the necessary information, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the lessons, and integrate the healing even deeper. It is important to know, that energy healing should be seen as an amazing tool alongside doing your internal work. This will give the best and deepest healings - if you only rely on energy healing alone, you will find that the energy can re-generate itself - because you are not integrating the lessons and inner-work, into you life. When doing reading - channeling sessions, you might not always receive the answears you wish to hear, but rather what is imminient and important for us to receive, so that we can builod upon our growth.
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