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What Is The Condition You Need To Change, In Order To Bring Your Desires To Fruition?

There isn’t anything that anybody wants, solely for the reason that we believe it will make us feel better. Which can be translated to a limited belief, that you won’t be happy UNTIL your desired outcome manifests.

The downfall of such a belief- that we will be happy and fulfilled only once we have achieved our desires in life, is that it creates resistance in the manifestation process. We are in other words telling the law of attraction, that our worthiness is defined by our desires being manifested. That we are dependent on the physical manifestation to happen in order to be happy, fulfilled and feel worthy.

It is not easy to soar when we focus on the lack of the presence of our desires. This causes a discord between yourself and your manifestations. It causes a wider gab in your reaching of your desired outcome, and can even prolong the path as you step in and out of alignment. That is why the emotional manifestation is an important journey on its own. When you manifest the emotional feeling, you realize that on your way to the results you desire, the expansion and growth is rewarding in it self.

What is important to know is, that you are already worthy of your desires. You couldn’t be more worthy, and you couldn’t possibly do anything more to become more worthy. Even as you are right now in this moment. And there is nothing you need to prove or achieve to be worthy of your dreams comings true. At your core essence this is the truth, it is the truth of who you are, solely by our own pure energy alone, because you are beings of energy created from a fraction of source energy. And within this place is your natural state of being, which is you are already worthy.

What causes a lack of worthiness and a discord to this knowing within you, is that our beliefs and thoughts are a product of our up-brining, our experiences and observations through life. This creates habitual thoughts and beliefs that molds us, and by law of attraction creates our life and experiences. Unless we change our beliefs so that we attract what we desire to have in our lives.

When we observe life and we base our beliefs upon our observations, we store this into our energy, which reflects how we interpret through our senses. In other words how we hear, see and feel is filtered through this container we have stored within us. The journey to manifesting is not just about the end result. The journey going there is about the expansion and growth we get to experience along the path. Through the growth and expansion we can learn that it is possible to already be happy, fulfilled and worthy by changing our thoughts and beliefs, even when the physical manifestation has not taken place yet.

If you are waiting for something to happen before you can feel worthy, feel love, feel happy, feel fulfilled- or anything that you desire to manifest that you believe will bring you this emotional fulfillment through its manifestation, than you are giving your power away and letting it define your worthiness.

But if you can shift your thoughts, beliefs and how you feel, and tune into the feeling of it already being manifested into your reality, you are brining yourself into alignment by not being dependent on the physical manifestation because you have already manifested the emotional state of being. And then vibrationally by law, it must come into your reality because your vibrational frequency is in alignment reaching for the things you desire.

It is not about needing the condition to change in order to feel different. You must change your beliefs, your thoughts and how you feel now. Manifest emotionally and then it will come because of your vibrational alignment.

Try this exercise:

- Sit in a quite place and imagine what your desires manifested will feel like/what feeling does it give you?

- Write it down on a piece of paper

- Then sit quietly and spend 1 minute energetically tuning into that specific feeling. Do this for each specific feeling until you can tune into all of the emotions all together.

- For instance if you write: It feels like growth/it feels like confidence/it feels like source energy/it feels like joy and good times

- Then feel into each specific energy for 1 min each

You can do this exercise whenever you want to get into alignment with your desires, and you can do this exercise several times over a period of time, to raise your vibration to a place of dominant alignment to your desires.

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